1. Shiloh Falls Homeowners Association

When you click on the link below to go to the members only directory, a login popup window will come up where you input the user ID and password and then click on the signin button. On some older versions of browsers, namely Microsoft IE, you will not be logged in on the first attempt. If you've clicked on the button that saves your login credentials then this popup window will re-appear. Clicking on it again results in the window popping up again. The next login attempt will take you to the members only directory.

You will not encounter this situation if you have the current versions of your browser installed, namely Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. It should be pointed out that not all versions of IE result in the anomaly noted above.

The user ID has to be exactly 8 characters, all small letters and the numbers 0-9. Please do not use special characters such as {-}, {?}, {*}, {&} or {%}, to name a few. Also note that spaces are not allowed in either the user ID or the password. The password is also restricted to exactly 8 characters, consisting of small letters and numbers. The password doesn't require that any of the characters be numbers.

Once you have access to the members only section of the website, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and/or print the PDF files. Please visit the Adobe Site or click on the link below for the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

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