1. Shiloh Falls Homeowners Association

1-- Non-Profit, About Association, Directors, Officers, Documents, Amendments, Meetings, Committees, Assessments, Dues
2-- Collection Policy, Insurance, Common Areas, Pool, Marina, Fire Protection
3-- Association Responsibilities--Security, Maintenance, Receipt & Disbursement of Funds
4-- Most Common Covenant Violations


Annual assessments are due on the first day of January of each year and are considered delinquent and past due if not received by the 30th day of January.

If the annual assessment is not received by the 15th day of February, a $25.00 late charge may be assessed to the property owner on a monthly basis.

The Shiloh Falls Homeowner's Association may file an assessment lien for accounts that are 60 days delinquent. All costs for preparation, recording and satisfying liens shall be paid by the property owner. Shiloh Falls property cannot be sold and title cannot be transferred, if a lien exists on the property. Please review our Collection Policy AMENDED ADMINISTRATIVE RESOLUTION #01 - COLLECTION POLICY


The Association maintains insurance for its Common Property in addition to General Liability, Umbrella Liability and Officers & Directors Liability.

A homeowner's or property owner's personal liability and personal property insurance are the responsibility of each respective member.


The Association is responsible for the maintenance of its common areas, streets and pool. The common areas are located throughout the community and include the signage, stone walls and pillars, fences, plantings and roadway islands that beautify and enhance the value of the homes within Shiloh Falls.


The Association pool is open to Shiloh Falls Residents/Property Owners and their guests (certain limitations apply). The pool is normally open from Memorial Day weekend through September.

Please review the section on Pool Regulations in the document Pool Rules and Regulations.


The Shiloh Falls Marina Association is not a part of the Shiloh Falls Homeowners Association. The marina is privately owned by its members, hosts 40 covered boat slips and operates under the management of a Marina Association Board of Directors.


Hardin County Fire Department District 3 serves Shiloh Falls with fire protection equipment located at the facility in the Counce Fire Station and with fire protection equipment plus an Ambulance located at the fire station on Highway 57 South approximately two miles from the Old South Road entrance to Shiloh Falls. Hardin County Fire Department personnel include local volunteer firefighters/rescue personnel.

First Utility District (Water Utility) provides five (5) Fire Hydrants in Shiloh Falls at the following locations:
    a) Old South Road & St. Andrews Court
    b) Old South Road & Club House Drive
    c) Old South Road & Sandpiper Pointe
    d) Blue Heron Pointe & Sandpiper Pointe
    e) Blue Heron Pointe & Oak Ridge Pointe
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