1. Shiloh Falls Homeowners Association

1-- Non-Profit, About Association, Directors, Officers, Documents, Amendments, Meetings, Committees, Assessments, Dues
2-- Collection Policy, Insurance, Common Areas, Pool, Marina, Fire Protection
3-- Association Responsibilities--Security, Maintenance, Receipt & Disbursement of Funds
4-- Most Common Covenant Violations


The Association is responsible for providing a variety of services to the Owners including the following:

I. Security

SFHA provides a Security Gatehouse and electronically controlled gates located at the entrance on Old South Road. A Security officer at the Gatehouse greets all Residents, Owners and Visitors entering Shiloh Falls during their standard operating hours.

Crime Reporting: It is extremely important that all residents promptly report all crimes (vandalism, burglary, theft, etc.) to the Hardin County Sheriff's Office and to SFHA Security for their information and follow through. A Report of Crimes Form is available from Security at the Gatehouse.

II. Maintenance of Common Area Grounds

The Board of Directors has contracted with a Maintenance Firm (Johnson Lawncare) to provide Maintenance Services including the following:

A. Common Area Maintenance Services:

    1) All Common Areas will be mowed and trimmed on a regular basis. Actual number of times for mowing will be dependant upon rainfall and weather, but schedule should be structured as follows:

    Spring (March through May) - every other week (approx. 6 times)
    Summer (June through September) - weekly (approx. 16 times)
    Fall (October through November) - every other week (approx. 4 times)

    2) Areas to be mowed and trimmed include the following:

    Old South Road from Hwy. 57 to Golf Clubhouse Street - from edge of street to tree line (approx. 55 feet from center of Old South Road on each side)
    All other streets - from edge of street to tree line (approx. 30 to 40 feet from center of street on each side). Homeowners (Lots with existing homes) are responsible for mowing and trimming for their individual lot, but the area adjacent to the street in front of any home may be mowed by the MAINTENANCE FIRM, if lack of mowing and trimming by the property owner creates an appearance that is unreasonably detrimental to adjoining property owners and to the neighborhood.

    3) Common Area includes entrance to Shiloh Falls where Sandpiper Pointe intersects with Holiday Hills. Area between Holiday Hills and gate on Sandpiper Pointe will be mowed and trimmed each time common areas are mowed and trimmed.

B. Seeding, Fertilizing, Weed Control and Fire Ant Control:

    1) Apply Seeds, Fertilize, Weed Control and treat common areas for Fire Ants as required and as mutually agreeable to ASSOCIATION and MAINTENANCE FIRM.

C. Maintain Common Area Flowerbeds:

    1) Weed
    2) Fertilize
    3) Plant flowers and shrubs
    4) Mulch
    5) Activate available irrigation

D. Miscellaneous Maintenance:

    1) Replace light bulbs as required in light fixtures at entrance on Old South Road, entrance on Sandpiper Pointe from Holiday Hills, Columns on Sandpiper Pointe and Columns on Blue Heron Pointe.
    2) Provide repair to any common areas exhibiting erosion problems.
    3) Repair and paint fences and street signs as required.
    4) Remove all trash, brush, litter and debris from the common areas as required.

E. Pool and Pool Area Cleaning and Maintenance:

    1) Clean and maintain Shiloh Falls Homeowner's Association Pool and Pool area to the Tennessee Department of Health Standards including the following:

        Physical facilities such as bathhouse floors and walls, plumbing fixtures, toilet tissue, soap and paper towels.
        Water quality such as PH range, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid level and algae control.
        Safety equipment inspection.
    2) The pool cover should be removed and the pool prepared for opening on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.
    3) The pool should remain open through Labor Day and then be prepared for the winter closing including installing the pool cover.
    4) During the months when the pool is open to Property Owners, clean Pool Restrooms on Monday and Friday at a minimum (additional times as required). Restock Restroom supplies such as toilet tissue and paper towels as required.
    5) Empty all trash containers each Monday and Friday at a minimum (additional times as required) during the pool open season.
    6) Maintain supply of chemicals for pool treatment and toilet tissue and paper towels for pool restrooms.

F. Residential Curbside Trash Removal Services:

    1) Provide Residential curbside trash collection services to each home in the Shiloh Falls development each Monday and Friday at a specific time (usually beginning around 10 AM) as mutually agreeable to ASSOCIATION and MAINTENANCE FIRM.
    2) Provide the same twice-weekly trash removal for the Security Gatehouse.
    3) Provide the same twice-weekly trash removal for the Shiloh Falls Homeowners Association Pool during the season when the pool is open.
    4) All curbside trash should be contained within a trash bag (excluding boxes and other large objects) to meet the limitations of disposal currently provided by the local county government.
    5) Small quantities of brush and leaves will also be picked up on the same days as the household trash. No brush from thinned or cleared lots is included within the conditions of this Agreement.
    6) If holidays should fall on the same Monday or Friday scheduled for trash collection, the pickup may be scheduled on the day following the holiday, if mutually agreeable to ASSOCIATION and MAINTENANCE FIRM and notification is provided to Residents in advance of the holiday.
    7) Trash and litter along the streets and common areas will be picked up once weekly by the MAINTENANCE FIRM.
    8) Residents are required to provide their own garbage cans.

III. Receipt & Disbursement of Funds

The Board of Directors has contracted with Tommy Nichols CPA to provide Accounting Services including processing all receipts for SFHA Dues and paying SFHA bills as authorized by the Board. Expenses include:

A. Security:
    1) Guards
    2) Gates & Gatehouse
B. Utilities:
    1) Telephone Service
        Security/Gatehouse Telephone with FAX
        Poolhouse Telephone (toll restricted)
        Gate Control Console Modem
    2) Water
        Gatehouse Meter - 95 Old South Road
        Pool Meter - 95 St. Andrews Court
        Legends Entrance Meter - Old South Rd. & Dunhill Ct.
        Vantage Pointe Meter - Common area
        Sandpiper Pointe Meter - located at columns
        Blue Heron Pointe Meter - located at columns
    3) Sewer
        Gatehouse - 95 Old South Road
        Pool - 95 St. Andrews Court
    4) Electricity
        Gatehouse Meter - 95 Old South Road
        Pool Meter - 95 St. Andrews Court
        Sandpiper Pointe & Holiday Hills Rd. Meter
        Sandpiper Pointe Columns Meter
        Blue Heron Pointe Columns Meter
        (69) Streetlights

C. Insurance
    1) Property Coverage
    2) Commercial General Liability
    3) Umbrella Liability
    4) Directors & Officers Liability

D. Capital Reserve Fund
    1) Repair and maintenance of the privately owned streets within Shiloh Falls beginning with Old South Road at the intersection of Highway 57.
    2) Establishment of reserve funds for the repair and replacement of capital improvements.
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